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About Us

Crazy Fire Has A Story

Crazy Fire was started in Cary, NC by partners Chan Ho and Payman Bazooband back in early 2000. The concept was simple: all-you-can-eat create your own stir-fry. When it opened it was one-of-a-kind in the area and offered patrons the option to create their own meals, design their own flavors, and watch it get prepared. The choices on the raw bar represented every major food group, offered patrons several types of protein choices, and allowed those with food allergies the option of excluding certain items from the meal altogether. The store was small and offered many, but not all, of the ingredients currently available on the raw bar. Over the years, the prices have changed, the types of meals we offer has changed, and the look of the restaurant has changed but the good service, affordable prices, and great atmosphere as remained largely untouched.

More than 17 years into the venture there are now several Crazy Fire restaurants from Cary and Raleigh all the way to ours in Fayetteville. This location opened in December 2008 to rave reviews, large crowds, and great times. Over the past eight years we have striven to continuously provide great service and affordable prices despite market changes, staff upheavals, and continued deployments. Recently we have begun a series of upgrades and updates to help our restaurant keep pace with the changing face of Fayetteville. We have made decorative changes to our raw bar, dining room, and restrooms, along with significant upgrades our POS system and customer rewards program. We are currently planning an entertainment system installation in the private room, new booths in the booth section, table upgrades through the restaurant, and a revamp of our outside seating area. We just refuse to stand still!