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Dessert Menu

Cakes and Pies
$500 Chocolate Decadence
A combination of fine chocolate and cocoa this delicious cake is then enrobed with a rich, chocolaty butter icing and finished with sliced, roasted almonds
Lemon Italian Creme
Refreshing lemon creme fills this delightful creme cake, which is topped with vanilla cake crumbs and dusted with powdered sugar
$500 Cheesecake
Gloriously smooth, impossibly creamy New York style cheesecake resting in a graham-cracker crust
Chocolate Peanut Butter Landslide
Precarious yet delicious, this landslide is piled high with peanut butter mousse on a lusciously dense brownie base all covered with smooth chocolate ganache and topped with an accent of more peanut butter
$500 Oreo Ice Cream Pie
An Oreo® universe of white and milk chocolate creme littered with chunks of cookie and drizzled with dark chocolate
After Dinner Drinks $600 - $800
Cafè Milano Cafè Sorrento
Cafè Velencia Irish Coffee
Italian Coffee Mexican Coffee
Peppermint Stick Keoke Coffee
Millionaires Coffee
Bailey's® Frangelico®
Hennessy® Disaronno®
Kahlua® Grand Marnier®
Toasted Almond Pink Squirrel
Purple Orchid Brandy Alexander
White Russian