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The Grill

The following is the menu for the Mongolian Grill. Lunch and dinner hours are posted in the menu and limitations apply to all meal purchases, please see below for details and if you have any questions please contact the store directly.

Dine In


Lunch (open - 4pm)

Unlimited Mongolian* $1029

Dinner (4pm - close)

Unlimited Mongolian* $1379


Unlimited Mongolian* $1379


Children under 3 Free
Children 3-10 years $595

Drinks and Sides

Soft Drinks $225
Juice no refills $225
Tortillas order of 4 $150
Yum-Yum Sauce first 2 free $025

Carry Out

Carry out charged per bowl $849 / bowl

* - indicates to-go box is not available with meal