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Martinis and Coolers

All good bars have their signature drinks

Just as every good restaurant has it's signature dishes and every good kitchen has a great chef, our bar has it's great bartender mixing up it's signature drinks. The following list does not list every martini or cooler we can make but it does list the ones we have put our twist into. All of the martinis are flavored and prepared how you like them and all of the "Crazy Coolers" are drinks we have designed with light refreshment in mind. We have weekly specials on all of these drinks so stop by today and try them won't be disappointed.

If you have any questions please call or email the store for details

Flavored Martinis

Each of these martinis is our take on the famous or classic drink, and all can be made the old fashioned way
Aquatini a delicious citrusy blend of Absolute Citron®, Blue Curacao, and sour mix
Black Martini dark and delicious, this martini is a blend of Ketel One®, Chambord®, and Blue Curacao
Caramel Apple our Sour Apple martini with a splash of butterscotch
Chocolate a rich and smooth mix of Godiva® White and Chocolate with sweet vanilla vodka
Chocolate-Covered Cherry our Chocolate martini wrapped around cherry and amaretto
Chocolate-Raspberry a delicious mix of raspberry vodka and Godiva® Chocolate splashed with Chambord®
Cosmopolitan the classic, Absolute® Citron mixed with lime and cranberry juice
Flirtini sweet raspberry vodka with Chambord® and a splash of pineapple juice
Georgia Peach our newest classic, Crown Royal® and DeKuyper® Peachtree mixed with fresh lime juice
German Chocolate Cake a creamy blend of Malibu® Coconut Rum and Godiva® Chocolate
Key LIme just like the pie, creamy vanilla vodka and lime
Lemon Drop this isn't the shot, sweet and sour, this cocktail contains Absolute Citron®, Limoncello®, and fresh lime juice
Metropolitan for the distinguished only, a mix of raspberry vodka, Chambord®, and cranberry juice
Mint Chocolate Chip Godiva® Chocolate and Rumple Minze® to give you the after dinner mint you have been waiting for
Pineapple Upside-Down Cake the classic dessert in liquid form - vanilla vodka, pineapple juice, and grenadine
Seattle the iced coffee-flavor drink made with vanilla vodka, Kahlua®, and Bailey's Irish Creme®
Snickerdoodle tastes just like the famous cookie
Sour Apple the long-time favorite made with sour apple vodka and liqueur
Strawberry-Banana a classic fruity combination, ours has vanilla vodka, strawberry, and crème de banana
Sweet Melon green and delicious, we mix vanilla vodka with Midori® and sour mix
Watermelon like candy in a glass, the perfect blend of watermelon vodka, liqueur, and sour mix
Yoo-Hoo just like the sweet chocolaty drink only harder

Crazy Coolers

The Crazy Coolers are our signature drinks designed around top-shelp liquors and light, fruity refreshment
Anna Banana refreshing strawberry and banana with vanilla vodka and Malibu® Banana
Calypso take a cruise with Captain Morgan®, his mate Malibu® Banana, and the crew of lemon and melon liqueur, and pineapple juice
Caribbean sail the Caribbean waters with Captain Morgan® and Mailbu® Coconut, Midori®, Blue Curacao, and pineapple juice
Cherry Berry a sweet blend of cherry, raspberry, strawberry, and lemon flavors
Cherry Limeade a tart mix of cherry vodka, lime juice, and lemon-lime soda
Grown-up Sweet Tea Sweet Tea, peach schnapps, and vanilla vodka bring grown-up taste to the traditional
Hawaiian a delicious punch of four fruit liqueurs, vodka, pineapple, and orange juice
Hurricane a blend of light and dark rums, lime juice, and orange juice
Ice Blue a cool blue iceberg with vanilla and apple vodkas, three fruit liqueurs, and sour mix
Macintosh Melon sour apple and sweet melon combine with vanilla vodka and orange juice in this unique drink
Melon Berry this delicious cocktail is a fusion of vanilla, strawberry, and watermelon
Raspberry Lemonade a summertime favorite featuring Absolute Citron® and Chambord®
Southern Peach a fresh blend of vanilla vodka, DeKuyper® Peachtree, Southern Comfort, and orange juice
Tropical Punch taste the tropics with raspberry and orange vodkas, three fruit liqueurs, and orange and pineapple juice