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What's a Mongolian Grill?

The story says that when the Mongols swept across China and the rest of Asia, they traveled light, without cooking gear. So when it came time to eat, the Mongols would place a shield over a fire, and use their swords to toss and turn their food.

This frugal style of cooking carries on today at Crazy Fire - except we've replaced the shield with a large round grill, and the swords aren't quite as sharp, and the men doing the cooking aren't on horseback, looking to conquer the known world. (As far as we know, anyway.)

All of the ingredients for your perfect stir-fry are laid out buffet-style, and you are free to pick and choose the meats and seafood....and'd like to eat! After building the foundation of your bowl, season it to perfection with our many oils and're almost done when you top it with one, many, or any seasonings from our collection!! Finally, hand your creations off to the grillers and watch as they toss and turn you meal with their swords!!

If you want to know the real origins of the Mongolian grill, which are much less exciting and interesting, click here