Sushi Menu

Our sushi menu is available during all sushi bar hours and is not included in the all-you-can-eat bar. Some items may not be available based upon market availability and other factors beyond our control. While we keep this menu as accurate as possible some updates may not be made immediately. For the most current and up-to-date menu please contact the store directly.


A1 Edamame $375
A2 Sea Weed Salad $450
A3 Ika Salad $595
A4 Ahi Tuna $450
A5 Red Snapper Carpaccio $1100
A6 Tuna Carpaccio $1100
A7 Miso Soup $299
A8 Spring Roll $395

Hand Rolls

All hand rolls are rolled in sea weed forming a cone shaped sushi roll
H1 Yellow Tail Roll $450
H2 Shrimp Tempura Roll $400
H3 Spicy Tuna Roll $400
H4 Tuna Roll $400
H5 Spicy Salmon Roll $375

Regular Rolls

All regular rolls come cut into eight pieces unless otherwise specified
R1 Alaskan Roll $650
R2 Avocado Roll $450
R3 California Roll $550
R4 Eel Roll $650
R5 Futo Maki $650
R6 Kappa Maki $450
R7 Philly Roll $650
R8 Salmon Roll $550
R9 Spicy Tuna Roll $550
R10 Tekka Maki $500
R11 Tuna Avocado Roll $650
R12 Yellow Tail Roll $650
R13 Special Cucumber $700
R14 Bragg Roll $650
R15 Fayetteville Roll $550

Special Rolls

All special rolls come cut into eight pieces unless otherwise specified. All special rolls come with roe and house sauces
S1 Aloha Roll $900
S2 Crazy Fire Roll $1000
S3 Crunchy Roll $750
S4 Dancing Eel Roll $900
S5 Four Season Roll $800
S6 Boss Roll $1050
S7 Sea Monster Roll $1150
S8 Mary Roll $925
S9 Rainbow Roll $950
S10 Rock and Roll $750
S11 Shrimp Tempura Roll $750
S12 Spider Roll $900
S13 Spiral Ecstasy Roll $950
S14 Sweet Dragon Roll $1075
S15 Sushi 500 $825
S16 Skittles Roll $1150
S17 Wolfpack Roll $900
S18 Yum Yum Roll $750
S19 Downtown Roll $1000
S20 Florida Roll $950
S21 White Angel Roll $900
S22 Bonzai Roll $1050
S23 Carolina Roll $1050
S24 Hawaiian Roll $995


Order sushi as either Nigiri or Sashimi by preceding the number with an N or S respectively. Sashimi come three pieces per order and nigiri comes two per order
1 Tuna $450
2 Crab $350
3 Eel $450
4 Egg Omelet $325
5 Ikura-Salmon Roe $425
8 Octopus $425
9 Salmon $400
10 Shrimp $395
11 Smoked Salmon $425
12 Red Snapper $350
13 Squid $400
14 Surf Clam $375
15 Tobiko-Red or Wasabi $395
16 White Tuna $425
17 Yellow Tail $450


SC1 Regular Sushi $1600
SC2 Deluxe Sushi $42200
SC3 Regular Sashimi $1700
SC4 Deluxe Sashimi $2400
SC5 Sushi for 2 $3700


D4 Mochi Ice Cream $299